Say “YES!” to Putting Yourself First…..

...especially if any of this describes you…

  • For years, your days have been filled from sun-up to sun-down with your obligations to everyone else.

  • The idea of self care brings on feelings of selfishness and guilt.

  • You’ve finally come to realize that you’ve paid a high price with your health and overall sense of well-being.

  • You have turned to wine to unwind and to help with sleep, and you’re noticing the impact.

  • The time has come to make a fundamental shift by choosing to put yourself first.

  • You want to make the days and years to come the best they can possibly be by being the best version of yourself.

  • You want to do this with the loving guidance & support of a wellness coach, and you’ve come to me.

it’s my pleasure to serve and guide you along your journey to wellness, as you begin to explore new approaches, curated to renew your relationship with yourself and your life.

Launching soon…..

An on-demand coaching program designed to teach menopausal women how to improve their lives by getting to know their Endocannabinoid system. A balanced protocol of holistic health tools and informed supplementing with cannabis offers women a modern toolkit for health and happiness.

Say “YES!” to new approaches

I know what you haven’t tried yet!

I am a therapeutic cannabis user and Cannabis Wellness Coach, certified by The Cannabis Coaching Institute TM. Additionally, I am a certified Face Yoga Method TM instructor. I teach professional, over-extended women how to use cannabis alongside other holistic practices to address wellness issues including pain, anxiety and burnout, so they can live healthier, more energetic, and fulfilling lives. I guide clients on an empowering journey of transformation”.

In case you were wondering, Self-Care ISN’T Selfish

The time has come to take a bold step forward. I invite you to connect and explore the possibilities. Learn how functional cannabis use can become part of your life. Learn how to integrate Face Yoga into your life to renew confidence while suspending time! Discover how my new wellness approaches can bring positive changes to your physical, emotional, social and spiritual health.

When cannabis is used as an integral part of holistic coaching, you will experience new levels of wellbeing and personal growth.


Healthy habits for life!

Reveal the highest version of yourself! Restore balance, wellbeing and vitality by adding functional cannabis use and holistic face yoga to your routine. Develop empowering new habits that are sustainable and transformational.


Let’s Connect!

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