I created Tula Holistic Coaching to bring cannabis education and coaching to women in midlife. Midlife is a time of change that can be accompanied by a variety of new challenges - both physical and emotional. Cannabis can ease the transition by addressing the symptoms. Learn how cannabis medicine works and how to integrate it into your life with ease.

Restore balance and enhance your quality of life with cannabis.

Say “YES!” to new approaches

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I am a therapeutic cannabis user and Cannabis Wellness Coach, certified by The Cannabis Coaching Institute. Additionally, I am a certified Face Yoga Method TM instructor. I teach professional, over-extended women in and approaching midlife, how to use cannabis alongside other holistic mindfulness practices to address insomnia, pain, anxiety, mood swings and burnout, so they can live healthier, more energetic, and fulfilling lives.

Put the oxygen mask on yourself first

The time has come to take a bold step forward. I invite you to connect and explore the possibilities. Learn how functional cannabis use can become part of your life. Learn how to integrate Face Yoga into your life to renew confidence while suspending time! Discover how my wellness approaches can bring positive changes to your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Make self-care a priority so you can support others as the best version of yourself.

When cannabis is used as an integral part of holistic coaching, you will experience new levels of wellbeing and personal growth.


Healthy habits for life!

Reveal the highest version of yourself! Restore balance, wellbeing and vitality by adding functional cannabis use and holistic face yoga to your routine. Develop empowering new habits that are sustainable and transformational.


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